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Pure Gold, when….

This show is one of the best when they stick to the random stories. In just the past week they discussed a random Christian band but tied it into their kids showcasing their age, as a parent we have all been there, and, as I’m writing this review they just released an episode a Kid Rock riot, which was so enjoyable. The problem with this show is when they spend days on the same topic, like this week talking about Bethel church for several episodes, I don’t need you guys to tell me that Christian churches are corrupt and crazy, it just becomes long in the tooth day after day, they did the same thing with Roe Vs Wade, the Uvalde School shooting, & The January 6th hearing. If I want to listen to the same topic day after day, I’ll watch msnbc. I tune into this show for the off the wall stories & news stories I won’t hear elsewhere.

This show is great. I love the short episodes and the "grab bag" of you never know what the next episode is going to be about.

This is something else

I agree Tulsi is no good

Inappropriate and appropriate for everyone

Newly discovered this show, I found the show titles to be very intriguing and I decided to listen. I was pleasantly surprised that I was agreeing with them on their political takes and yet laughing how off the wall and crazy they can become. This show is edgy, but not crude. I can l;isten to them while playing it on my alexa and don't have to be on guard if the subject isn't going to be appropriate for my family to hear and yet they get right up to the line of being inappropriate. I am on this train now and I am glad that I am. Please fix the micropghone issues.

Wrant Away

I love this show and how non-pc they’re and not in a far-right racist way. I could definitely do shots and hang with these guys.

Pleasant Surprise

I saw this episode in my reccomendations and was pleasantly surprised with it. Some minor audio issues that I hope they workout in the episodes to follow, however, the content is great. Thank you for the laughter on such serious issues. I am a fan now!

Funny stuff

Not for conservatives

I can appreciate that they try to be centrist; but they definitely lean left.


Great and funny show

New fave podcast!

I can’t believe I waste time listening to this show but I do and love it 👍🏼


Funny stuff