The Wrants Show

The Wrants Show

What do you get when a married, father of 4, former musician from a hick town in Arkansas and a divorced, father of 2, former music industry exec from Chicago decide to do a podcast? A misspelled podcast name and way too many opinions. The Wrants will talk about breaking news, hot-button issues, music industry stories, and other randomness that will make you wish they’d just shut up already. Never filtered, slightly moronic, possibly offensive, always clean, and so much fun that you’ll want to unsubscribe.

Recent Episodes

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants a Divorce

March 23, 2023

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants a divorce from all blue states. We asked the question who would get custody of the yellow states in a divorce .

Latest on Trump’s indictment

March 20, 2023

We have the latest on Donald Trump’s hush money indictment to Stormy Daniels.

Eminem Cloning Conspiracy with Nate Miller

March 17, 2023

We had never heard of the conspiracy by right-wingers that Eminem was cloned by the cabal.

Thom McDonald cosplaying as an American

March 17, 2023

Are resident Trump Simp Nate Miller defends the Canadian that cosplays as an American in Thom McDonald

Thom McDonald, Right Wing Conspiracies & A New Puppy | Guest: Nate Miller

March 17, 2023

Our in house right winger Nate Miller joined the show to talk about Canadian rapper embraced by MAGA “Thom McDonald”, we also discuss right wing conspiracy theories and a new puppy is on the show.

The French are protesting…Again!

March 12, 2023

We poke fun at the country that can't help themselves but to make themselves look foolish and lazy.